Surely You’re Not Serious
Class of 2017

Hey Inter-Tubes!! Can you believe old Trint is still alive?! (Yeah, me neither.)

It’s that time of year again and I haven’t done this in a while, so let’s dive right in and see just how old we all really feel.

This week a brand new crop of high school seniors are planning proms and applying for next year’s financial aide. Let’s see what else is true about them.

This year’s high school seniors were born in 1999, the same year that these movies were released:

Fight Club
American Pie
The Matrix (Yes, the first one!)
Star Wars: Phantom Menace (Yes, the one that most of us choose to pretend doesn’t exist.)

The following TV shows were cancelled before these kids were born:

Beverly Hills 90210 (1999)
The Animaniacs (1998)
Bill Nye the Science Guy (1998)
Seinfeld (1998)

These kids have never…

Used a VCR to record TV. (The TiVo DVR was released in 1999.)
Had to use a floppy disk, even the non-floppy 3.5″. (USB Drives became available in 2000.)
Had to carry around CDs to listen to music. (The iPod debuted in 2001.)
Needed to plug in to something to get internet. (WiFi became a thing when they were 4 years old, in 2003.)

For their entire lives…

Texting from a cell phone has been possible. (1995)
Movies have been available on DVD. (1995)
Michael Jordan has been a “former” NBA player. (1999… the second time.)
John Elway has been a Super Bowl MVP (1999)
Viagra has been making uncomfortable commercials. (1998)

If you don’t feel old after reading all that… get off my lawn and turn that racket down!! Ya dern kids.

ComCast… *sigh*

If you use XFinity for home internet, read this carefully!

I got a letter today announcing ComCast’s latest “great” idea. Unrestricted access to MY home wifi. WHAT??!!

I checked and sure enough, without notice or permission, ComCast created a new, unsecured wifi channel in my house (called xfinitywifi).

The pitch is that guests in my house don’t have to ask for a password to use my internet. The reality is ANY yahoo, driving down my street can hijack MY bandwidth for whatever purpose they want. That means that my IP address would be the source address of whatever nefarious activity someone may do while stealing my wifi.

Disable this feature AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

You can disable the feature. The setting is hidden pretty deep in your account settings. The FAQ link at the bottom of this page will get you there, but you have to look pretty hard to find the links described.

WFHF: Moving in Movember

Hey, everybody! Long time not see! Here’s a new WFHF video: “Moving in ?#?Movember?”

P.S. It’s pronounced “Moh-vember” and it’s another name for ?#?NoShaveNovember?.

Work From Hotel Friday … Again

Yep. Still here.

New WFHF Video!

As promised:

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