Surely You’re Not Serious
WFHF: Moving in Movember

Hey, everybody! Long time not see! Here’s a new WFHF video: “Moving in ?#?Movember?”

P.S. It’s pronounced “Moh-vember” and it’s another name for ?#?NoShaveNovember?.

Work From Hotel Friday … Again

Yep. Still here.

New WFHF Video!

As promised:

WFHF: Memes

Oops! I just realized that I didn’t post the last WFHF video here on the blog! Shame on me!! I was too busy trying to cross link it to all the different social media for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Ooops! I ruined the surprise. Oh well.

Southern Food is Gross… And Racist! (Oh, Flula…)

DJ Flula is a German musician and YouTuber living in America. He has a heck of a time dealing with American idioms. And the results are hilarious!

His “AutTunes” are also real gems and showcase his real talent.

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