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My T-Shirt Wish List

[Updated, August 12, 2013]

I am an unabashed T-Shirt connoisseur. Thus I tend to have a long, running list of shirts I want. The following is that list, sorted from top to bottom by priority (how bad I want it).

If you should feel the need to send me a shirt from my wish list…

  • I need XXL. I used say XL would work, but that will no longer fit my not-so-girlish figure!
  • If there’s a color choice and I didn’t make note, darker is always better. Black is best.
  • You can ship it to “Trint” at my work address.

Geek – Snorg Tees

Reagan Old School – (Red)

Old Gamer – $6 Shirts

Older – Threadless

Dirt – NeatoShop

Moo – Snorg Tees

Jesus BRB – Snorg Tees

80’s Music – Snorg Tees

When I was a kid – Snorg Tees

Spelling – Snorg Tees

Smalls – Snorg Tees

Da Vinci Rock Star – Headline

Why I’m Hot – Snorg Tees

Not China – $6 Shirts (Red)

Dread Pirate – (Black)

Godzirra – (Green)

Strickland –

Naked – Threadless

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  1. Sup, Stop drop and roll, Rock-paper-scissor, Heaven, and Cut it out, would have to be added to my Christmas wish list

    *hint hint*

    jk :D

    Comment by Katie — 11/11/2006 @ 10:42 pm

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