Surely You’re Not Serious
I’m Not Dead Yet!

I know it’s been ages since my last post. But I swear I’m not dead yet.

What I am is homeless. So, that’s much better! I think I’ll go for a walk. I feel happyyyy. I feel happyyyy.

Seriously, though. Long story. We’re moving to Colorado and things are nuts. Check the next WFHF video (posted later today) for taste of the goings on.

Overly Attached Burger

So… This just happened.

Overly Attached Burger

WBQotW #280

‘Murica! Woo!!

Remember that America does awesome stuff too, like putting atomic-powered robots on Mars and double-stuffing Oreos.

WFHF: Memes

Oops! I just realized that I didn’t post the last WFHF video here on the blog! Shame on me!! I was too busy trying to cross link it to all the different social media for the Ice Bucket Challenge. Ooops! I ruined the surprise. Oh well.

Still Here

You might have noticed we’re still in Texas.

You might not have noticed that we are trying to sell our house and move to Colorado. (If so… seriously, dude. Where have you been?!)

It’s hard to keep the house perfectly clean and neat day after day when no one has come to look at it. (OK, we did have one showing a couple of weeks ago.) It’s even harder answering the same question over and over. All those people (and there are many) who told us…

“The market is on fire!”
“You’re house is gorgeous. It’ll sell in a couple of days!”
“You won’t believe how quick it will all happen!”

…are the same people who now ask us “How’s the house?” and we just smile and say, “Still there!”

Shark WeekIt’s easy to get down, to second guess, to give up. But the easy thing is almost never the right thing. So, every morning, I get up, I fluff the rugs and fold the towels, and I just keep swimming. “Maybe today.”

Last week was the infamous “Shark Week.” If you live outside the US, or don’t have cable TV, then you are excused from knowing how big a deal that is (or pretends to be). Weeks of advertising and hype, cross promotion, buzz. And then, for seven days, three or four droll, over-produced, sometimes gory pseudo-scientific documentaries about sharks rerun over and over. You watch one. You might watch two. Then… meh. You switch back to Doctor Who reruns and sports news about football training camp.

But that’s life. Hype. Reality. Sometimes disappointment. But always, you carry on. A fictional wise man once said:

Live every week like it’s shark week. – Tracy Jordan

And that is this week’s white board quip.

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